Essential oils and clinical studies

Research Donations

Many of doTERRA’s experimental and clinical studies are performed by world-class external partner laboratories and clinics. doTERRA also supports many clinics and universities who approach us with study proposals in the field of essential oil and related natural products research.

Thanks to our independent research partners and in-house scientists, doTERRA essential oils have been studied in relation to:

  • human genome biomarkers
  • various microorganisms
  • biochemical pathways in the body
  • simulated macromolecules

Apply for a Donation

The goal of the doTERRA Science research initiative is to promote essential oil research by donating monetary funds and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils to organizations that seek to publish peer-reviewed research.

To request a research donation application, please email with a brief explanation of your endeavors.

When Darin and I were at Convention last summer, we saw doterra founders giving a 5 million dollar check for more cancer research with essential oils. I had no idea hao strong the oils really are when you use the therapeutic grade. I’m not a scientist I work with people teaching them to swim and enjoy their life in water. My partner is a Reiki Master we use the oils every day all day. We have learned so much over the last year. And there is so much more to learn. My mom and sister are both teachers with Masters in working with Gifted children. They use oils every day, my sister with her 5 children and husband. Two of my nieces are in college and they keep “walking off with the tea tree rollerball. Noah her next oldest is in high school musicals the lead and currently taking his leading lady to Homecoming. He loves the tea tree rollerball ache and the “Breathe ” blend for singing. My daughters favorite is Deep Blue Rub, she was born with “spastic displaga” in her hips and CP. And now as a 24-year-old wife who has a dog and cats on a 4-acre homestead, the rub keeps her moving. She has used the oils for emotional balance and cooking, homemade bath bombs and dishwasher pods. Her husband is in the Navy and takes the supplements to keep him at peak performance while on the submarine for months at a time. The Oregano oil on warts and skin tags was a surprise to many of my friends. I could keep going about all the new things I learn every day. so I try to blog every day to share what I have learned. Please follow me on facebook at Marin Essential Oils and missjeanswimming. to get essential oils that are therapeutic grade at 25% off click here to become a wholesale customer.

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