Aroma Clip Diffuser With Island Mint Blend 15 mL, coming May 24th

The slim and versatile clip diffuser allows you to take the escape of a tropical oasis wherever you go. Clip it in your car, your fan or even the vents in your home and create an entirely unique aromatic experience.

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Escape to a tropical oasis in the comfort of your home, or wherever you may be, with Island Mint. Delightfully fresh, this summertime blend creates feelings of positivity and happiness. With the classically sweet combination of Lemon and Lime essential oils, complimented by fresh Peppermint and the unique depth of Spruce, Island Mint is perfectly balanced to bring you feelings of rest and renewal. Calming to the emotions yet invigorating to the body, use Island Mint when you need a bit of comfort and energy in your day. Transform any environment into a sunny paradise by diffusing Island Mint Summertime Blend.

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This extra slim, versatile diffuser provides an easy solution to purify the air in your car, at home or on the go. With the coated stainless-steel clip. The dōTERRA Aroma Clip Diffuser will transform your daily tasks into an enriching aromatic experience.