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  • Miss Rachael

    Miss Rachael

    My name is Rachael and I’ve been teaching lessons since 2011!  I started at a YMCA, moved on to the city of Mill Valley where I really developed my aquatics career moved on to another few pools and now I stay home with my kids but I’d like to continue to get some professional experience… Read more

  • Miss Monica

    Miss Monica

    Hello there!  My name is Monica and I am currently completing my master’s degree in marine science. I have been teaching swim lessons since I was 11 years old with the City and County of San Francisco and have been professionally employed with them since the age of 17 as both an American Red Cross… Read more

  • Josh’s Story

    Josh’s Story

    I am very excited for my 5th year of swim lessons this spring/summer. I am Red Cross certified in lifeguarding, CPR, first aid, and AED. I started working as a Swim America teacher in my freshman year of high school and started teaching my own private swim lessons to give swimmers more one-on-one time for… Read more

  • Parent tot class for 2-4 year olds

    Parent tot class for 2-4 year olds

    I teach this class very similar to a private lesson progression.If kids are coming from my parent tot class for 2 and under, they will already know crab walking, climbing out of the pool, backfloat kicking to the wall and face in bubbles. We are always working toward independent swimming. Read more

  • What I’m looking for in a lifeguard and swim instructor.

    What I’m looking for in a lifeguard and swim instructor.

    I’m looking for people who know that teaching swimming is their “Life’s purpose”. Instructors who have years of teaching beginners and advanced swimmers. My ideal would be similar to my current independent contractors, parents and grandparents who have swimming in their blood, water people. Read more

  • Miss Izzy

    Miss Izzy

    I was a competitive swimmer in high school and recruited to swim at the college level. I have taught swim lessons for over 10 years at town pools and privately. It is my greatest joy to share my love of swimming with everyone. In my free time I enjoy training in the pool and the… Read more

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