Parent tot class for 2-4 year olds

I teach this class very similar to a private lesson progression.If kids are coming from my parent tot class for 2 and under, they will already know crab walking, climbing out of the pool, backfloat kicking to the wall and face in bubbles. We are always working toward independent swimming. When we start it is always at the stairs going down holding the wall. Then crab walking as far as they can go ,around the whole pool back to the steps, bubbles blowing,keeping their legs straight so they can feel the steps. followed by a kicking and bubbles progression with kick boards, marsh mellow sticks or the wall. work on swim ,swim,roll for a breathe.

Next is climbing out and jumping in , working on bouncing off the bottom and scoops to the wall. Progression are moving to deeper and deeper water. teach students to swim to wall instead of a person is very important. Where are we going ? To the Wall or steps if they are on the wall already.

Backstroke practice starts at the wall hands on the wall ear’s in and eyes up. Holding their head lightly for support, kicking toes under and up to the top, using scooping on the side of their bodies like a snow angel arms. ears in ,eyes up ,scoop the ice cream to your butt.

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