What I’m looking for in a lifeguard and swim instructor.

I’m looking for people who know that teaching swimming is their “Life’s purpose”. Instructors who have years of teaching beginners and advanced swimmers. My ideal would be similar to my current independent contractors, parents and grandparents who have swimming in their blood, water people. Missjeanswimming instructors are independent contractors , They are paid top dollar in their field, more than any other swim school. I’m running my program more like a union. First year ,second year, third year ,fourth year . Top rate is a master instructors rate of $100 a hour, plus travel fee’s a good living. It’s the rate I pay myself. All instructors are paid the same rates. All fees paid go directly to the instructor. Students who have been in my program for 16 years. A mix of less experienced in teaching but long on love of the water and what’s their best use of time, for the next 5-10 years. Working in  restaurants, fast food,retail,park and rec, bars , babysitting ,and nannying. These were jobs I held when I was 25, unmarried, living at home (on and off), kids around the corner. 

     I was a hard worker, a loyal employee, saved my pennies and had lots of fun. Every job I had taught me something I wanted to know how to do. Skill sets include front and back of the house experience. I remain friends with the many jobs I’ve held over the years. After 25 years of teaching swimming and lifeguarding, 4 kids raised, I created missjeanswimming for myself to be my own cheerleader and invest in myself and trust my method and mission statement would be something that was part of my core. Being paid well for doing a great job teaching my students to Love 2 swim 4 life.  

  I created a career for independent contractors that will be paid better than they ever thought was possible. Get raises every year and travel fees are included. Instructors work directly with the clients to set up schedules and create a relationship of trust that no one else will teach your student till they pass the swim team ready.

 My client’s private homes also have many pool parties for their kids, so having their instructor also be their lifeguard is a bonus. In my experience , most weekend lessons hold pool parties when the swim lessons would normally happen. The lifeguard who knows their pool and has knowledge the swimmers limits. How many times will a lifeguard yell stop running when the lifeguard is also their coach.? That makes a recipe for a successful pool party.