Homestead partners with Missjeanswimming for the second year.

Missjeanswimming is a Marin created swim program. The instructors and lifeguards love to swim and serving their community. The cornerstone of my program is keeping instructors with their original students. Staff that you need to trust with your child’s life. We are life coaches for kids sometimes. Our goal is for your child to grow up loving to swim. Training to improve their skills,in an environment of positive reinforcement. In their future, grow into someone who can serve and protect others,to give back to the community and teach others to swim.

Looking at the lifeguard as a hero , their job it is to keep people safe. My swim program is the long game to keeping strong effective instructors and lifeguards, coming back year after year. Training instructors and lifeguards out of my students. They are many reasons drownings happen, not just because they don’t know how to swim. One is lack of awareness of the dangers around them. Another is the skill sets to help, once something does happen.

We have Privates and Semi-privates.


Mon and/or Wed : 10-1, 3-6.

Tues and/or Thurs :9-12, 2:30-6 .

Fridays :11-4 .

Saturday’s and Sunday’s 9-11, 1-6.

Pool Parties 12:15-2:15, or 3-5.

Which means it’s possible that a pool party can be going on Lessons are set up through email with, then payment is made thru venmo. Google invites will be sent and accepted by both the parent and instructor.

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