The best way to get a lesson is the best way to get a lesson on the books. Include information below for Northbridge members, private pool, owners, Home Owners Associations , and airbnbs for lessons, lifeguarding, and private parties. Pricing Faqs

Northridge Members/Private Pool Owners: Email In email include name of student/s and dates and times of lesson availability.

Then I call you.

I schedule my lessons through summer instead of sessions. This is done using Google Invites.

July/Aug 2021
What Missjeanswimming was doing in 2021

It is critical that the invites are accepted and paid for before the lessons start.

Sign this release of Liability 

and email back to

Summer and Monthly payments are accepted.

Clients need to keep track of their lessons. Instructors will also keep track of lessons as they know when students did not show or were sick, etc.

If a lesson is missed, payment rolls into the following month.

To make a Payment:

Thru missjeanswimming/venmo, or missjeanswimming/paypal , checks missjeanswimming.

Private pool Lessons: Email: address of the pool, email of pool owner, name/s of students, emails of parents, a written schedule. 1 hour minimum. $25 non-refundable travel fee per lesson.

For example: 123 Street, City, Zip Code. Example Schedule: 3:00 Student 1 / Student 2 semi private  (parent email), 3:30 Student 3/ Student 4 semi private (parent email).

Creating a positive swimming lesson is the goal.

A travel fee was added this year to cover gas and tolls.  Also, the location of pools may be hard to reach, as they are up steep roads and require gate codes, etc. Instructors will arrive early (10-15 mins) to check pool chemicals and temperature,  and to set up lesson materials. To speed things along, it may work best to schedule pool cleaners within 24 hours prior to lessons. As debris in the pool is unsafe for swimming lessons, please keep a strainer close by and empty the baskets of leaves.

Refunds: Cancelled lessons will be refunded or rolled over to the following month. Please request a refund thru your payment choice. I’m looking forward to another wonderful summer of watching kids have fun and learn to swim. Please watch lots of underwater films and talk about your first swim lessons stories; not only will it create excitement for learning to swim, it will also create loving memories.

Warmest regards,

Miss Jean