What Parents need for parent tot class.

So you’re getting ready for your first parent/ tot class, what do you need to stay warm in the water. Is not the first thought that comes to mind. But as a instructor who is in the water for hours , getting chilled happens. So recommend what I wear myself, and wetsuit or wetsuit jacket, even when it’s sunny. I wear long or short wetsuit bottoms that I usually take of after lunch.

Remember your jacket, you staying warm and happy will help your toddler have fun.

Once lessons are over towels are the way to go. I like the towels/poncho for parents and kids . They are fast to put on and still change out of swim diapers when kids are laying down/trying to get away. Parents love to wrap their kids up like a burrito. Last year one of my students was running and fell her arms were tucked inside her towel. She fell face first into the concert . There was a lot of crying and some blood, lesson learned wrap like a burrito with arms on the outside. check.

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