MissJeanSwimming Faqs

Welcome to the Miss Jean’s Swimming family! We are proud to be serving the Bay area since 2014.

Mission: Get kids swimming ASAP

Methods: Miss Jean’s Swimming works hard to match a great instructor with students. We do this by hiring instructors with years of experience.  Parents work directly with these instructors by text or email after the lessons are scheduled on Google Invite.

Northridge Pool Lessons:

Scheduling: Schedule lessons through Google Invite. Please Accept or Decline Lessons. Google Invite is also where you receive bills.

Billing: Paying bills will be done through Venmo/PayPal (missjeanswimming) or personal checks made out to: Jean Arata


30 minute Private lesson rate is $75;

30 minute Semi-private lesson rate is $100 (2 students x $50);

30 minute Small groups

Non swimmer-(instructor in the water) (no more than 3 students) rate is $37 per student

Swimmers-$25 per student ,coach is out of the water , up to 5.

Parent tot $25 per student up to 5 students

Private Pool Lessons:

Contact information:  The pool owner must provide contact information because they will be responsible for providing a pool that has all the chemicals/PH within normal range. The pool must be 75-82 degrees for students under the age of 4. Unheated pools with temperatures 71-75 degrees will necessitate a wetsuit lesson. Pools 70 degrees and less means NO LESSON.

Lesson Length:  60 minute minimum for private homes. 30 minute private lesson rate is $75; 30 minutes semi-private lesson rate is $100 (2 students x $50); 30 minute small group ( no more than 3 students) rate is (3 students x $35). Important: Every lesson will include a $25 non-refundable travel fee.

Swim Instructors: Instructor will check in 15 minutes before lessons to do pool chemical and temperature check.

Homestead Pool:


Waiver: It is required that the following waiver be completed before the first lesson:


Thank you for all you do to make Miss Jean’s Swimming the joy that it is!

Warmest Regards,

Miss Jean

CEO of missjeanswimming,LLC.