Best kid swim diaper I’ve found.

I was talking with another swim instructor about babies not wearing a tight enough swim diaper and how we had to close our pool for 24 hours for clean up. She said TrustyTrunks! The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!

I had to check them out and I was amazed.

“TrustyTrunks, are the ONLY swim diaper that hold in both solids and liquids. I love that kids can wear them over a regular, absorbent, cloth or disposable diaper or training pants so messes stay in and pool water stays out. I can’t count how many parents show up for their swim lesson in a regular diaper. Got in the pool with it on and the whole thing is filling up with water. That’s what drowns kids fast is diaper full of water is like a anchor around your child. Not to mention the mess when the diaper breaks and floats all over the pool. Class over.

Made from super stretchy skin-safe silicone, TrustyTrunks form a comfortable seal at baby’s waist and legs. Their leakproof technology is patent pending. What happens in the diaper STAYS in the diaper.” No more swim diapers in the garable after my classes yea!

TrustyTrunks was founded in Denver, Colorado in 2018 with the belief that life for parents and kids should be less stressful. The idea for TrustyTrunks started when our founder, Nancy Stockton, took her infant grandson to the neighborhood pool in a shockingly leaky swim diaper. Thankfully, there were no accidents that day (that could be seen), but Nancy knew that she had been lucky. If things had not worked out in her favor, she would’ve been faced with an embarrassing problem that could pose health risks to others at the pool.

Please parents buy these diapers so we would have to close the pool because “someone kid” wasn’t wearing the right diaper. No more swim diapers in the garable after my classes yea!

See you around the pool.

Miss Jean

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