Early signs of Autism.

I found this video was informative, I am blessed to be a woman that loves babies and children. My whole goal in life was to learn how to be a good mom and good wife. That included babysitting at 12, a nanny at 18, degree in psychology (I was supposed to be getting a degree in international business.) and a minor in recreation and leisure studies. I graduated from San Francisco State University 1994. It took me 6 years instead of four, because I also worked teaching swimming, nannying and various food and beverage skills sets. I was married and a mom in (1)1995, (2), 1997,(3)1998,(4),2000. I could tell pretty early that my son ‘s “Elevator did not go all the way up”, Autism was new then, I was aware of it, but didn’t know the signs. I was blessed to have, Kaiser on Geary street it “was my home away from home.” As a mother of a 28 week old premature 1 st child, followed by 36-week old babies for the next four years. I was on bedrest 20 weeks, for each. My fifth pregnancy ended in miscarriage and I hemorrhaged in the elevator at Kaiser, and I flat line in the examination room. Thank god again of Kaiser, I sound like a commercial but what can I say I’m here now instead of leaving the planet in 2002. While I had my diagnosis it took so long “in my opinion” for others to come to the same conclusion. It was a back and forth between AD/HD and Autism, and if it is autism. What kind? I was told in 2016 ( the team from Marin Wellness Center) that my son without a doubt had Asperger’s, what test proved that I asked? He scored 98 out of 100 on seeing everything from his point of view. so that’s why he was friends with kids younger than him, when he was in kindergarten he loved playing with the little boy down the street, 2 years old neighbor. He played for hours with him, lego’s and cars, but I soon realized it was the toys and not the child. My son was in speech therapy all thru school, till now. To this day if I ask him if he has friends he says yes, I guess. What’s their name, He shrugged his shoulders, I know their names I just can’t think of it right now,. He says what’s on his mind he loveD games like Minecraft in his youth, now it 3d modeling software and he is taking AP Computer programming,. Watch and learn it’s valuable information.