Elaine Janice Greco, Arata, and the PR

Published on Jan 28, 2013

The Pomeroy Recreation & Rehabilitation Center Celebrates 60 years of services to children and adults with developmental disabilities.

I became aware of the banner of Love because my mother in law was Elaine Arata, I married her youngest son Jimmy. She and my sister in law Sandy, where always busying around the gala, so I pitched in. It was such a wonderful event, for many reasons. Meeting so many families that were involved over the years as a whole family. It wasn’t just Elaine, it was her whole family including Sandy’s mother in law Marie Gandolfo, (R.I.P.), and all the Gandolfo’s came. Learning about all the work they did was a bonus. It was a fun event, a Casino Night of dinner and silent auction. I have worked for Recreation Centers most of my life, teaching swimming and lifeguarding is my life work. I was moved to watch the videos of all the work that is done by the center every year. I’m no longer married to Jimmy, but the Arata’s are all about Family. I’m blessed to have such strong role models on Family and giving back to your community. The two things that extend your life longer is being part of your community and living close to family. I’m coming around to 50 years old, my parents are still around but pushing their 80’s my mother and father in law are in their 80’s now. I wanted to put something “the record” before My mother joins her Parents. I wanted to shine a light on the thing she loved and worked for, she thing bigger than her self. I salute her and all the people that Give to their Communities, keep up the good work.

The following video has Father Tony Sauer, (He married us at St. Peters and Paul’s church In North Beach, 1995) President of St Ignatius School,


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Back Row: (l-r) Rena Lucey, Sue Armstrong, Jackie Vercelli, Anna O’Brien, Helen Thomas, Joan Knutson, Pat Baker, Cynthia Pelini; Seated: (l-r) Ingeborg McGlynn, Flo Hyland, Olga Hoja, Lily Chu, Elaine Arata, Sandy Gandolfo, Jeanette Montarano, Clara Giannini, Lena Garbarino, Sheila Hyman

Mrs. Elaine Arata established the Banner of Love Auxiliary in 1985 at the request of PRRC founder, Janet Pomeroy. The Auxiliary’s mission is to support the work of the PRRC by planning special fundraising events. These events help sustain the Center and fund a wide range of programs for people with physical and developmental disabilities.

We thank you for supporting the Banner of Love Gala, a cornerstone of PRRC’s fundraising program. Your participation and donations make a significant contribution to the lives of people served by the Center.

Consider becoming a member of the Auxiliary today – contact

Jeanette Montarano,

Auxiliary President



GALA CHAIRS: Elaine Arata, Founder, Jeanette Montarano, President, Sue Armstrong, Vice President, Helen Thomas, Vice President, Jackie Vercelli, Vice President, Anna O’Brien, Treasurer

GALA COMMITTEE: Rosa Agnost, Rita Aufort, Patricia Baker, Lily Chu, Carla Del Carlo, Eileen Dooling, Charleen Duke, Theresa Eldredge, Adriana Gabin, Marie Gandolfo, Sandy Gandolfo, Lena Garbarino, Clara Giannini, Olga Hoja, Flo Hyland, Joan Jacobson, Joan Knutson, Nancy Krauss, Ola Kupka, Rena Lucey, Ingeborg McGlynn, Janis Mondin, Francie Pasquini, Cynthia Pelini, Adriene Roche, Laverne Schultz, Jessica Starr