How I Creating a Positive Mindset Swim Lesson.(PMS)lol

 When teaching new students I alway's lead with positive language. The moments of youth I remember clearly was competition with my Dad. He called me Jean The great, over and over. It was his way to inspire me to race to the car, the chairlift ,or the end of the pool. The goal was to win/impress Dad and show off. It also helped me really feel proud of myself. Seeking a parents approval, is most kids goal.

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet, 7″ Display, 16 GB, Blue Kid-Proof Case

G. has 2 different tablets she "borrows" her dads and Papa, I find them under her bed no power, put headphones on her and forget getting her attention. I have some limits set for my son's screentime through my cable. This would be a great present for grandparents that want to use the tablet sparingly. …