Hemingway Moving is the new creation of Reiki Master and Musican Darin Hemingway, with his new partner and old friend Charlie Martian. Darin brings an  emotionial transition to Moving. Darin had taken a few years off running his moving company, after the sudden death of his wife . They were Reiki Masters together in Fairfax California. They where writing a book together , a self help book for couples coming into Reiki. As with most things in Life no one saw Deb’s death coming. Darin was drawn to transitioning his family through this time. He welcomed caring for his his young granddaughter 5 years old at the time. Putting time and energy into his family and himself. So after 3 years of  writing, songs and working on his book. He comes back to Moving with a new purpose. Transitioning from one house to another other is full of emotions and these transitions get pushed down because, there is so much to do, before the move. But there is no mistaking even moving up isn’t always moving away from feelings. Leaving home to go to college or buying your first home bring with it more than literal baggage but figuitive baggage. Transitions like moving can strain the most solid relationships. Let Hemingway moving help you through this exciting time in your life.

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