Swim Bag

Once you start to bring your stuff to swim practice you will notice very quickly that everything is going to be damp. I recommend a mesh bag that will be light enough for the student to carry. I use goggles on all my students even if it is for a few moments. For the most part, their goggles are on their forehead on a ” goggle break”. If children are resistant I have their parents put them on in the house, calling them “bravery goggles”.

The second thing they need in their swim bag is a swim cap. This is for many reasons. head protection from sun, wind and the side of the pool. Swim caps keeps the head warm during lessons. When kids are in a group they tend to stay on the steps with their heads out of the water. In an outdoor pool like ours, sun, wind, and rain are common. Swim caps also have a little flotation for back floating. It can help keep ears dry too.

The next thing is a towel for after the lesson. The hooded towels are very popular with my students.

Wetsuits are a must when your working in a outdoor pool. The outside air and sun are different but always there. So to keep kids warm I use wetsuits and caps.

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