Welcome to the home of MissJeanSwimming LLC. My passion is teaching an infants to survive and year after year helping them get to swim team ready. I currently run the swim program out of Northbridge Recreation Center. I’ve there since 2014. Teaching all levels and abilities. Check out how to get a lesson for more information. When covid came I switched to 20 private some longtime students most new pools. Continued 2021 with 15 pools, in June Northbridge reopened and added 5 swim instructors to take over my private pools and continued lessons at Northbridge. Now I’m getting talented instructors and  pool owners together is a match made in heaven. providing bookings, insurance and billing. Opening new swim programs in HOA ‘s around Marin this summer. Swimming for life is my goal with every student. I started out at 3 learning to swim with my dad, At McNears beach, Marin county.


When I didn’t want to leave he said I should get a job here.

That sounded awesome, I told all the lifeguards I met that “someday I’m going to be a lifeguard too”. I became a little mascot for the lifeguards . They gave me my own whistle ,let me collect the dollars to enter the pool, and sell popsicles. I would stand at attention guarding and swim the lap lane across the shallow end.

Now 45 year later I get to teach little kids to swim in beautiful Marin County.

Don’t you think kids are the funniest people around ? I get to talk to them before they can go to a screen. Water and electronics don’t mix so I get to have their somewhat undivided attention.Using that time to my full advantage. We work on the 3 skill sets for class, end or begin with diving for toys. Everyday, I get to hear my students say “Did you that?”, celebrating their successes and hugging their nerves away.

Leader of the pack personality and great swimmer

When they leave my class, my voice is in their head, talking about the skills they just worked on. All my students hear me talk about them working for me someday, teaching and lifeguarding.

Swimming for life means you can be in and around water with skills that allow you to enjoy yourself and have fun

Swimming for life also means aquatic professionals get a better than living wage working as independent contractors and raises, bonus, and travel fees for driving efforts. So happy to bring the Aquatic professional to the front , many leave because they need to make more money not because they don’t love it.

I have worked as a nanny in S.F., bartender and fine dining server at the Ritz in Half Moon Bay. I’ve owned a Irish Bar/with many partners, in S.F. called Pat O’Shea’s. I’ve deal poker and blackjack in the greater Sac area, all to make a better life for myself and family.

But at my rock bottom, going back to my original passion set me free.

Now I’m empowered to raise the bar. Like the American Idol of Swim instructors seeking out great talent around the state, like a yearly draft for swim schools around the world. Living my best life now, telling someone their talented and are going to be rewarded for that skill set(years and years of training to be the best swimmer they can). Sharing the opportunity the teacher and student =learning + bonds are built, is a win-win. In the future everyone will be able to teach everyone how to swim. Make a living doing what you love and you will never work a day in your life.

Have a wonderful day,

Miss Jean

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