It’s All about the Guard

In my business,( teaching swimming and lifeguarding) I start lifeguard training at 6 months olds. Their parents really but over all to the “caveman” brain of an infant. Babies love water we just teach them to hold their breath. When lifeguarding a pool full or empty I always make it my mission to know everyones name. Connecting with families and their small children. My first questions are always anybody a lifeguard or was a lifeguard? Hands always go up. OK, then you are in charge when you sit in a chair and have “eyes on the pool”. Make sure everyone knows who “eyes are on the pool.” After we make the introductions. I bend down and introduce them to the lifeguard, they is our local hero. It’s their job to keep us safe. Do you know how they do that? Then they answer By make us follow the rules . That’s right , what else do they do to keep us safe? They follow all the lifeguard rules. Can you guess something a lifeguard has to do? If they look to me for the answer I suggest looking at the lifeguard and pointing out all the equipment they use to help us if we need it. I see something red, what is red on the lifeguard ( their name)? lots of stuff right? rescue bouy, first aid kit, shirt shorts, hat etc. By the time my students go around the pool, crabwalking (to build upper body strenght for climbing out of the pool) they are convinced they are going to be lifeguards. After 2 years of lessons they take time in the chair lifeguarding ,adult swim , (which at our local pool means the lifeguard is on a break) keeping his peers in line and following all the rules. Empowering the lifeguard , keeps everyone a little safer. So in my program, I start with safety. Training the guards to my personal standard. Taking pride in myself and my pool. Seeing and training everyone around you to do it the right way, saves lives. It’s a great first hero for kids, the ideal guard, cares for the people in their pool. My lifeguards are also swim instructors, being in the water is part of their being. They love all kinds of water sports and bring the love of water to every lesson. Most have other jobs in the off season, or college or life. But year after year they come back to missjeanswimming. They are guarding less and teaching more. Returning students to their same instructor year after year is a keystone to my business. Building a swimming family, and generation after generation they live a “Love 2 Swim 4 Life” style. Join the family.

Being a independent contractor means they can schedule their own lessons. They can teach in any pool ;private, condominiums, HOA’s and any for non profit or Airbnb. My business is unique to any other mobile swim school. Missjeanswimming staff committed to their students and pools year after year. My role is empowering the profession of guard and instructor to a lifestyle that pays well and we can make a living take care of the pool and the people in them. Looking forward to seeing everyone around the pool.

Miss Jean

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