Beginner Swimmers in My Swim Program

Beginner swimmers respond positively to routines and familiar surrounds and situations. Following a similar lesson plan, from week to week, will gradually build on skills and help to progress the student faster. Missjeanswimming instructors are serious about attend all teaching shifts, and come back year after year.

Children need success in the lesson so that they feel good about themselves, and become eager to learn. The most powerful tool a instructor has is positive reinforcement. Giving genuine praise for attempts and triumphs will keep children interested in the lesson, and encourage them to continue to improve. When a student is struggling with a more difficult skill, we ask them to perform something simple that you know they can do, and then praise their work. This will help to build confidence, and make them willing to try a more difficult task again. Remember, the instructor’s influence on their students, will make sure they are influenced in a positive way. As a swimming mentor, our instructors expertise will influence a child’s love of, and enjoyment, of the water for life. Which is why my motto is “Love 2 Swim 4 Life.”

Exploratory learning, is vital for beginners. The more exposure children get to the water, the more relaxed and confident they will become. Swim Instructors must advise parents that they must understand the important role they play. They should regularly take their child to the pool outside of the swimming lesson, for exploratory play always under adult/lifeguard supervision. Children need a variety of different situations, and depths of water, to learn their capabilities, boundaries and have fun. Parents will also see a faster progression for their child if they are given an opportunity to play in the water outside of the lessons. Therefore, they often perceive the lesson to be more value for money. They must become willing partners in their child’s swimming progress. It’s very important to be patient with beginner swimmers in my Swim Program, and encourage them with their lessons.

I do my best to follow through with things that I tell my students. As a instructor trust is something that is earned. We stick to constant skills sets and time frames. I use very clear instructions over and over so the students will know what they are working on at their lesson. All students know they are working on 3 sets of 10 , they count each one and know how many they have left. I use positive language and encouragement to achieve the goal of improving their ability to swim and be confident.

Children are often reluctant to swim to an adult. This can sometimes be remedied by having the child swim to the pool’s edge, or a ledge. They are more relaxed swimming to a solid object because they know it won’t move. Once you develop trust with your beginner swimmers, they will progress quickly.

I know frequently changing teachers is also detrimental for beginner swimmers; just as they gain trust in one teacher, another one is thrust upon them. This is one of the main reasons I started my own business. In my previous employment ,I would be teaching students for a few weeks and just when I built a trust, they would be moved to another instructor and I would be given someone new. The kids would look at me like I was picking someone else instead of them. It was very frustrating , which is why my swim school does everything possible to keep the same students with the same instructor. Returning students get contacted months before the season to have first dibs on their previous instructor.

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