My father’s biological parents story.

I have been on a mission to find my biological grandparents for the last 5 years or so by way of DNA testing my entire family. With the help of genealogical expert, we found his parents were Barbara Foss and Everett Uplinger. How did they meet I wondered?  Were they in love? After many emails with Barbara’s nieces and nephews, I  found she never married or had other children. She had been thrown as a small child and suffered a brain injury. Her Aunt Julia raised her after her mother passed away tragically when she was young.  Catherine Bofinger passed at 21 years old, 6 day’s after delivering her second child Betty Foss. Catherine, incidentally, was the youngest of 9 children.
San Francisco, 1917
Betty was adopted by the Harrow family and they moved to L.A. where she became a writer for Day’s of Our Lives, and her daughter Susan Hayes became the star of the show and married her leading man, William Hayes.

She also never had children of her own.
When I asked why Barbara had abandoned my father as he had been told. Lois said that Barbara was sent to a home for unwed mothers and she never saw the baby. They also said they didn’t know how she became pregnant, because she had a mind of a child and anyone would notice that after speaking with her. They never knew the father, but suspected that she had been taken advantage of which isn’t what I wanted to hear or tell my father.

As I research more about Everett Uplinger, I found he worked at the Elks Club in Sacramento, as an instructor. He also competed in wrestling match’s in Reno. He was drafted and died as a 1st lieutenant in the US army. He also never married or had any other kids. Now I’ trying to find pictures of him and learn more about his time in the military.

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