Mentor Calls/business testimonial

Hi My name is Jean. I’m currently working on completing 50 mentor calls with assignments for each. Why am I doing this? To whip myself back into shape mentality. As a single mom, of four kids, working all the time was my life. For years I put black pants and white shirt and a apron. And I went to work, sometime sleeping in my clothes rolling out of bed to do it all over again.Graveyard shifts or hard on the sleep cycle.But I loved working with families and being put of a community.I worked in recreation centers and bar in San Franciso and Marin. But that is draining and most of the time paycheck to paycheck. For me it was check advances, more money lost to fee’s, it seemed like it was getting harder the more I worked. I looked around me and everyone was in the same boat, some bigger or small, large crew or solo. We where all stuck in jobs that didn’t full fill us as people with purpose(other than to make them money). The foreman told me to” shut up and deal,” more than once. Which was a challenge for me.My first day dealing blackjack at Thunder Valley, a step up from expo/runner. Big opportunity, a step up in money and physical wear and tear on my already tired body. So excited, after completely the 3 months free course, every night from 5:30-9:30, couldn’t miss a day or your out of the program. I auditioned an got the job.The instructor told us no days shifts would be available so don’t ask. I took graveyard part time. Then saw some of my classmates in day’s. Remember I have 4 kids that I would like to spend time with them. They were 6,8,9,11 and being watched by my unemployed boyfriend. terrible idea ,by the way. take my word for it. There are people who support you and your goals and their are people who only care about themselves. My point to this story is the job still being better than the last one didn’t make my dreams come true. In fact they said this “all there is”, or we are in a “raise freeze”. I love hearing I’m “over qualified”. Every time I started a new job, bottom of the seniority todem pole even If I was more quailfied,working harder,on time, it didn’t seem to matter. Then I read “The Secret” and learned about the Law of Attraction. I changed my stars, I went back to the job and place that made me happy. Big Dream, Marin California is one fo the most beautiful place in the world ,in my option. The cost of living is very high, I had two daughters in high school, in Yuba City, two younger sons in Middle school. It took me a extra year to move in 2012, but I did. Fast forward to 2020. I have 2 small businesses both my passions. I get to help people everyday get stronger,faster and more effective. I’m evolving into the grandmother side of my life. I youngest son 19 years old still lives with me and my partner at home. I have been in 5 year relationship with my Partner and we work to make the world a better place. He is a Reiki Master and different from anyone I have ever known. His unconditional love is more than I could have ever hoped for.

What does this have to do with Mentor Calls? Everything, I have trained and train to be great at every thing my job wanted me to do. I decided to support my own dreams for a change. I put my time, energy and talent into myself and family and it was the best decision I ever made. Mentor calls reminded me why I’m doing this, if you fall down you can get up.I have done both. Through great struggle comes get rewards I always say. I have been living my great reward for 6 years. But I feel more prepared for struggle because I have surrounded myself with ,healthy,positive and giving people who share my goal to make the world a better place. I would love to support everyone on their journey to be better. Eat better, sleep better,learn more, stress less. If this is your journey too, welcome. Join my team of wellness advocates and customers who want to leave the world better than they found it through natural medicine and pure essential oils.

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