Loyalty Rewards Program Tutorial.

By setting up an automatic monthly order, you receive a number of benefits, including earning other bonuses in the compensation plan. You can also customize each order and the date it processes through your Virtual Office by going to the Shop tab. Still wondering whether or not to sign up for the LRP program? Check out these reasons below:

In this tutorial, we will be discussing how to redeem reward points which can be view in your loyalty Order shopping cart. Points are great way to try new products. Or stock up on more expensive oils. The points are used just like money.

You earn a percent back. Depending on the enrollment kit that you start out with, signing up with the LRP program means that you will receive at least 10 percent back on your LRP orders. The longer you participate in the program, the larger percent you get back on your purchases until you reach 30 percent at 13 months.

Required to earn Power of 3 and Fast Start bonuses: In order to qualify to earn the Power of 3 Bonus and Fast Start, you must have in place at least a 100PV order each month. If you are active in the business in sharing, enrolling, and building these bonuses only help you continue to build your business–and having the automatic LRP order set up means that you are also getting back some of what you have put in in free product.

This a great video about how save money and help the planet.

I love all the on guard products use them everyday, and save money by not buying it in the store. I use the foaming hand cleanser on my dishes, and my vegs. I love all the spa stuff.

Christina Valentine, shows us how she got her free products in her LRP
Here are a few of the most popular oils and blends

When your using the points I recommend using all of them at the same time ,3-4 times a year. They have to be used with in one year. There is a fee of $3.00 for redeeming the points. doterra gives the shipping back in points. So If you overnight your oils for 25.00 bucks you get 25 rewards points. To use in the future. Also you only earn points for orders over 50PV.(point value). It has to be a Loyalty order to earn points. You earn more points the longer you stay on LRP.

When you place a 125 PV before the 15th of the Month

Product of the month

When your part of the loyalty program you have the option of a free oil usually in the $25 value. So If doterra has a promotion where you are going to spending more than 100 PV the reward is valued at the price increase. When your LRP is 125 PV before the 15th doterra rewards us with the product of the month . 200 PV bonuses usually leaves you with $100 in free products, plus extra rewards points. I stock up on on guard products like crazy with four kids. I go thru all the cleansing and immunity boosting stuff constantly. So if you have any questions on signing up

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