Dear GEDmatch users

This is the email I opened today, Sounds like exciting stuff. Curtis has been part of some amazing things. But when law enforcement started uploading DNA of murdered victims called the Doe project.

DNA Doe Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit humanitarian initiative created to help identify Jane and John Does and return them to their families.

To GEDmatch users,

As you may know, on December 9 we shared the news that GEDmatch has been purchased by Verogen, Inc., a forensic genomics company whose focus is human ID. This sale took place only because I know it is a big step forward for GEDmatch, its users, and the genetic genealogical community. Since the announcement, there has been speculation about a number of things, much of it unfounded.

There has been concern that law enforcement will have greater access to GEDmatch user information. The opposite is true. Verogen has firmly and repeatedly stated that it will fight all unauthorized law enforcement use and any warrants that may be issued. This is a stronger position than GEDmatch was previously able to implement.

There has been concern that Verogen will eliminate GEDmatch free tools and raise Tier 1 rates. In fact, Verogen has made it clear that the free tools will remain, and there are no immediate plans to raise Tier 1 rates.

It has been reported on social media that there is a mass exodus of kits from the GEDmatch database. There has been a temporary drop in the database size only because privacy policies in place in the various countries where our users reside require citizens to specifically approve the transfer of their data to Verogen. As users grant permission, that data will again be visible on the site. We are proactively reaching out to these users to encourage them to consent to the transfer.

The sale to Verogen will be a tremendous benefit to genealogists. Verogen has pledged to continue the GEDmatch philosophy of providing free services. It recognizes that all information belongs to the users who have placed it on GEDmatch, that this information may be removed by the users at any time, and that strong privacy protections need to be in place. It is to Verogen’s advantage to build the consumer database, meaning more and better matches for users. Verogen recognizes that law enforcement use of genetic genealogy is here to stay and is in a better position to prevent abuses and protect privacy than GEDmatch ever could have done on its own.

Bottom line: I am thrilled that the ideal company has purchased GEDmatch. The baby I created will now mature for the benefit of all involved. If anyone has any doubts, I may be reached at I will do my best to personally respond to all concerns.

Curtis Rogers

I had added my DNA and that of my father because he was abandoned at birth, and I wanted to find his biological parents. I believe I have figured out who they are both passed. I found a half-sister for my mom thru DNA. I could go on about all the family stuff.

Introducing the world’s first sequencing company solely dedicated to forensic science.

cut and pasted from facebook page.


Verogen serves those who pursue the truth. It’s about advancing next-generation sequencing to help unlock the true potential of forensic genomics. Supporting labs with solutions and expert service purpose-built for the challenges of human identification. And, ultimately, committing to effectively and efficiently ensuring justice, security, and public wellness — for all.

I hope you found all this information of some help.

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