Notice from Doterra about Revive oils:

dōTERRA is the world leader in the global essential oils market, according to unsolicited reports on the Global Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Market by Verify Markets®. Since its founding in 2008, dōTERRA has invested more than $100 million in its vast Co-Impact Sourcing® network to provide the highest quality essential oils. dōTERRA’s exemplary business practices are expensive and demand constant focus and determination. Because of dōTERRA’s reputation, other companies have tried to promote cheaper products through comparison.
Although dōTERRA welcomes competition, a company by the name of Revive has overstepped legal boundaries into unfair competition by marketing that its oils have the same quality as dōTERRA oils and implying that its oils are sourced from dōTERRA sources. This is not possible due to dōTERRA’s unique Co-impact Sourcing model. Under that model, 96% of dōTERRA oils are exclusive or proprietary in terms of source, formula, or both. Further, other companies do not undertake the rigors of CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® testing. To confirm this fact, tests have been completed that show that many of Revive’s oils are adulterated. We have recently let the company know of this adulteration, which they claim was unknown to them. Of course, adulteration is common among companies that source their products from perfumers and brokers.
Consumers should be aware that essential oils that are adulterated are easy to obtain and inexpensive. dōTERRA maintains the highest levels of quality, purity and sustainability through industry leading Co- Impact Sourcing practices, which provide more than 100,000 jobs in third-world markets impacting more than 500,000 lives. Consumers are advised to not trust claims from competitors stating that their cheaper oils are similar to the high quality found in dōTERRA’s life-enhancing essential oils. If you have not tried the gold tandard of oils, click here to read more about Doterra.

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