Positive mindset

Our mindset is what fuels the rest of our habits and has a huge impact on our entire health, our mind, our body and our emotions. Research shows that those who experience frequent, positive emotions are not only healthier, but they also live longer lives. One thing that I’ve done this past year that’s really helped me with my mindset is affirmations. So if you don’t know a lot about affirmations, it’s basically self-talk, it’s how you’re talking to yourself, and it’s kind of like a mini meditation session.
Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 9.11.08 AM.pngBasically, you’re affirming to your mind and also your feelings how you want to act or how you want to feel that day. It’s the “I am” statements, and they’re very powerful. And some of my favorite affirmations are things like “I am enough.” I have four kids, and so I’m constantly trying to have more patience and so I tell myself, “I am patient, I am loving, I am trying, I am unstoppable.” Those are some of my favorite affirmations.I like to combine them with aromatherapy. As you know, our memory is strongly associated with smell and so we can use this to our advantage. If we combine aromatherapy with our affirmations, then when we do that affirmation later in the day, or even next day, it’s going to help us remember what we said and also bring back those feelings of that particular affirmation.
Some of the oils that I like to use, my favorite is Balance, because it’s a very grounding blend and I just love the aroma. And lately, I’ve been combining it with Neroli. This is really good for your nervous system and it just smells really good together, so you should try it out if you have it. I also love Peppermint and Wild Orange. This is great to use in the morning because it’s going to help wake you up. And then, in the afternoon, around 3:00 when you have that afternoon slump, it’s just going to help be an awesome pick-me-up. This happens to be Emily Wright’s favorite combo for a diffuser blend, so you can also use it in the diffuser. A couple others that I like are Motivate and Cheer and that just really helps me to start my day and start me off on the right foot.I wanted to share with you this resource that I found on doterra.com. So if you go to doterra.com and you just put in the search bar “positive thinking,” it’ll being up a bunch of different articles.
In the happy secret to happy work, with Shawn Achor, is another helpful ted talk for working on internal happiness.
I hope this article and ted talk, helps everyone set a few new habits for a positive impact on their life.
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