Reduce Your Toxic Load with doTERRA Essential Oils

This video will cover the many ways we can reduce our toxic load, Linsey Graham will explain how to spot toxins in your life and how to eliminate products that introduce more toxins.

“Toxic load” refers to the volume of toxic substances that have been accumulated in the body at any given time and the overall burden it places on the body systems and vital organs. Toxins come from countless sources, many of which we are not even aware of. Environmental threats, chemicals, and radiation are three of the most common categories. Your body has a number of passageways through which it is directly exposed to toxins and several mechanisms that it uses to deal with this exposure. The three most vulnerable pathways are the lungs, the digestive tract, and the skin. We are directly exposed to toxins through the food we eat, the air we breathe, and anything that contacts our skin. While minimizing exposure to potentially harmful chemicals on a daily basis is the most effective method for limiting toxic load, you can be proactive about reducing toxic build-up already present in the body. Focus on a clean, whole food diet, detoxify with a regular dietary cleanse, and use all-natural household, skin, and hair care products. Our bodies have their own natural defense mechanisms to protect these pathways. For instance, to protect the most susceptible tissue, our nose, mouth, and throats are lined with a thick mucous membrane to trap foreign particles. Similarly, present inside our lungs are special immune cells that destroy any other foreign agents that may get past the mucous membrane. While we have little control over the quality of the air we breathe outside or chemicals we may be unknowingly exposed to, there are measures we can take to minimize exposure and support the natural mechanisms that deal with the toxins. For information on using essential oils contact me

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