When toxic people die.

Yesterday, My friends girlfriend connacted me on his facebook messager. She asked me to call her and left her number. I had spoken to her last year after and Dane (her boyfriend) had invited my family for a visit. Tracey was sweet, she was engaged to him at the time. We were invited for a parade and to spend the weekend in their Tahoe home. It seems like I could give you a little back ground on my relationship with Dane. He was a friend and roomate of my exhusband Jimmy, another toxic person in my life. They were both twopeas in a the pod, they would finger point and accuse the other of being addicts. Where like a old married couple, always together and fighting. Jimmy is a irresponsible father and husband, that’s why I had to leave him, 3 times, but after 4 children in five years , real abondoment was really happening. It’s a cry for help when he started leaving the kids with neighbors, saying he need milk or diapers. I would come home after a closing shift so 3am. To find my neighbor there instead of my husband, or other radom people that where “friends” of his. His father, brother and brother in law showed up at my reaturant and asked me Why? aren’t you leaving him, “Are you waiting for him to kill one of your kids”. Then I file and began the long process of getting him to leave. It’s along story and this about Dane, not so much Jimmy. Dane was one of my husbands new drugs friend, we met after Dane drove Jimmy up to see the kids. He was a funny out going personality, he put Jimmy In his place about talking to the kids and me. I liked him. He brought Jimmy up a few times to visit the kids for a birthday here or there, Christmas things like that. Dane would shower the kids with presents that Jimmy would say where from him. Dane would tell me later that he bought the present, which I Suppected, because Jimmy rarely gave anyone a present. his favorite story to tell was how a pullied a plant out of the garbage and gave it to his mom for “Mother’s Day”. Dane was a gamblier and partier who never grew up. He would call me early in the morning talk about coming for a visit , we would plan to have them come and then they wouldn’t show up, no call,nothing he was a flake and a liar. He told me he a nd Tracy where married when they wheren’t. Why Lie? I had toxic people boundaries a round Dane, I understaood he was lying about his whole life, but didn’t point it out. Dane was a wounded animal in my option. I listened and talked made plans with him knowing he wouldn’t show. Supported his soberity when their was Sober moments. i found how interesting it was that Liver Failure was what killed him. Tracy told me he was in the hospital a few weeks before for broken ribs from skinng accident, his blood alchol was 3. The doctor warned him to be care full. He had told Tracy that the docter gave him a clean bill of health. As she goes through the house like a “detective” she found jewerly missing, watches and other valuables gone, 30 vodka bottles thru out the home. She she they wheren’t married, she had been supporting him for 2 years. She had to meet with his parents and sister who he said where horrible people, she found them nice. It’s a funeral I won’t be going to, but when I tell this tale the person listen always starts knodding they’re head,” been there” they say.





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