When you look up any dōTERRA essential oil on the dōTERRA website, you will notice the product information page labeled with the symbols in the guide below. Take note of these labeling guidelines as they are on most of the dōTERRA branded literature about our essential oils. They will help you quickly identify how to use your oil, and the best way to dilute if using topically.

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We will talk more about the top 13 oils and these labeling guidelines will be used. Later in this guide, we will talk about making your own roller bottle blends from home. Making your own rollers is a great way to pair oils that work better together to support your body. These blends work synergistically to support a healthy physical and emotional state. The guide below is my favorite for allowing you to choose the right amount of drops for your blend. Keep in mind there are ranges per age. For a more severe issue, like supporting the immune system when you are feeling under the weather, use a higher concentration of essential oil. For more minor issues like an itchy bug bite, you can go lighter on the dilution chart (within your age range.)

Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 11.17.44 AMUsing the top 13 oils Lavender, Melaleuca, Frankincense, Peppermint, Lemon, On Guard, Oregano, Wild Orange, Breathe, Cardamon, DigestZen, Aroma Touch, Deep Blue, for Roller Blends.  All blends are adult blends, in 10ml roller bottles unless otherwise noted. Fill roller with oils first, then with fractionated coconut oil. Substitute or omit oils if needed

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There are so many different blends to create, these are the basics. Please join my team at Marin Essential Oils on facebook. Thanks for Learning more about using essential oils on yourself and your children.

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