The designer and builder of Sound Sculpture discovered!

I was interested to learn this morning that my friend Kevin Naus is the designer and creator/builder of “clinamen” Sound Sculpture at SF- MOMA.

Kevin and I have been friends for 3 years. His daughter, Georgette is my Partners granddaughter. My Partner Darin is a very involved grandparent and so we spend lots of family time together. He is one of those people that knows a lot of interesting things. We have had a saltwater aquarium added to our living room for a few years now, what a learning experiment for me because I’m a “not a pet” person, a single mother, four kids no need for a pet kind of person. But I love a chance to learn, So I have watched a learned about all kind of fish, two ant farms, various bugs, he is a science guy. He is a great dad taking all of the family on trips to see rocket launches and eclipses. Things I would never have on my radar to do. I would “go camping” when the lights got shut off. Roughing it to me is no cable, no indoor plumbing, no grocery store and, of course, no phone. I went camping with my dad my whole life, skiing, and Yosemite every summer where my normal.

Kevin started his own business a few months before Darin’s wife Deb, passed suddenly in Jan 2015, Georgette’s primary caregiver and devoted Grandmother. He plowed forward creating the business that will play to his strengths. I think his strengths are science and math based, very different from my strengths. I’m a Blogger in training, who trains instructors and lifeguards from birth to Swim team ready. Kevin and I share the love for swimming pool and proper chemicals in those swimming pools. Swimmertime Pools was born. He enjoys building and creating new pools are his passion. He said for this pool the artist would come in from France and make a new request. There is a heater installed along with motors of different speeds. I believe there where different builders but Kevin’s was the final pick. He said over a million people saw the exhibit an SF-MOMA. I know cool people that’s all I have to say. Thank you for all your hard work.

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