At A Plus, they believe in the power of positive thinking — and storytelling. To them, positive journalism means looking at the day’s events critically, from all angles, and with hope. There mission is inherent to the stories they share with you each and every day.
They were founded in 2014 by actor and technology investor Ashton Kutcher. They are proud to tell a different kind of story.
I think this is great, I watch their video’s everyday and it’s a fun way to start my “screen time”.
I’m a positive person who loves babies and people in general. I think that to maintain a healthy lifestyle, releasing stress thru video’s is fun and easy.  Parenting for men and women as evolved every generation. The things that matter no matter what era your in, laughter is the best medicine. Forgiving yourself will bring peace to your soul and allow you to move forward. I think that forgiving others is struggle for most people, I have worked on forgiving my mom for things that happened in the 70’s. The 70’s when she was in her 30’s, she divorced my dad, (unforgivable?) moved us from friends and family, left us with people who where licensed to care for us, but molested me instead. All the acts that people see as unforgivable just keep the person pointing the finger in a state of stuck.
If you can’t move forward to forgiving yourself and others, then you will feel like your going no where. Until I worked on my relationship with my mother, my relationship with my own children was stuck. I admit I struggle now with my relationship with my daughter . She thinks I should take here advice more often, so I try. She is a Type A personality, holds herself to a high standard,  straight A student and very involved in the LBGT movements in high school and college. She thinks she knows what’s best for me, how I can be a better mom etc. I work to acknowledge my insecurities and not project them on to others. I try to start eachday with a funny video, and check in with myself and family. Thanks Ashton, for the great idea.
Miss Jean