Two Northern California Moving Company are merging.

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Two Northern California Moving companies are merging. If you are looking to relocate your home or business, rely on us. Darin Hemingway and Charlie Martian have been in the moving business for 35 years, working for other companies and starting their own companies Hemingway Express and C.M. Moving. Through the years Darin and Charlie became good friends that had each other’s backs. Share trucks, workers and laughs. They have been thru thick and thin has friends. This year after talking about it for years, Charlie and Darin are working together as partners. Hemingway Express is a moving company that helps with the transition of your belongings and life from one place to another. Because they are combining their cost and efforts, they strive to be the most affordable moving companies in the area. Our team works hard to meet and exceed every clients’ needs and expectations because we know that no move is ever the same. Darin Hemingway is also a Reiki Master so when emotions come up in the move, (one of the most stressful things in life) Darin or his team is there. It’s a turnkey operation. We have been helping people through the challenging times of moving and we understand what it takes to have a peaceful experience. I have worked with both these gentlemen through a few moves.

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 4.24.07 PMThey work hard and fast but the calmness that fills the room, leaves the feeling “They got this”,. This is a team of responsible adults whose life’s work is transitioning others to a new chapter. Wisdom and smiles, greet you each moment, there is “no Rush”, even if there is. Moving with children and seniors is our specialty. We can do it all from packing to hanging pictures.

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I have moved more in my life than most people. I’m The kind of person that can move in the night take what I need and go. Very little emotional attachment to things, but maybe I was from a long line of gypsies. Some people have lived in the same house their whole life, that can be very emotional. Our team is helpful in sorting, releasing to donation or packing for storage. Darin and Charlie have many connections to all services in the area. Plumbers to Stagers. I am happy to keep everyone up to date the Hemingway Express Moving

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