Kids got game

The moments of youth I remember clearly was competition with my Dad. It was a race to the car, or to the chairlift or the end of the pool. The goal was to win/impress Dad and show off. It also helped me really feel proud of me. Seeking a parents approval, in my experience the major goal for a young person living in the 1980s.

Probably for most children in every decade, but for myself, Dad’s smile when I was the strongest, fastest, bravest even rebellious, to “be in that moment”. I see that moment when I’m hanging out with kids I ‘m teaching to swim. There competition with me… their teacher, someone 2 x 3 times their height, weight, and experiences in racing. This is not all kids, this is probably 50% with DNA<parenting, locality, support in the community, etc. But 20% no matter their situation, they are braver, stronger, more rebellious. They rise to the top, by their will to improve and be better than everyone else, and when they turn that competition there is no stopping them. We have a beautiful opportunity to raise the percentage.

The Golden State Warrior’s, Bay Areas “Crown and Glory” awarded Sports Illustrated’s Person of the year. I’m very proud of them, they are representing the same purpose and mission, I believe will lead us to peace and kindness, instead of racism, sexism, and abuse. The Bay Area is a hub for forwarding thing, for loving instead of hating, giving back to the planet, encouraging community living. Taking care of our seniors and children through many private fund charities. I teach all races and religions every student young or old becomes part of my family.

That can rub both ways, but I really do talk to everyone as If I’m their mother, sister, grandmother whatever my intuition says to say I say. Sometimes I sound like “Madea” from the Tyler Perry’s movies. I’m a tough cookie, I try not to use rhetorical questions, crying is good, practice is super fun, and what are you having for lunch or dinner. These are my icebreaker at the start of class, in my lessons. Sometimes the parents are in the pool with me and siblings, sometimes on the deck nearby or far away. But either way, I’m saying the same thing, which is I only reinforce good behavior, I practice what I preach and you can get out when your lesson is over and That Is my decision because I’m in charge of you. These funny conversations for me, provide me with great joy, and finding me laughing till I cry, is daily. The bread and butter of my mastery is beginner swimmer, young or old, love them all. Babies are my favorite is you made me choose, followed my every minute they get older and wiser at safety and swimming and breathing. I know three languages, wow, English, Body, and Baby. I’m the most fluent in Baby followed by Body, English is my weakest but always practicing my best. But to get to the point of the title “Kids Got Game” is a #kids got game, from the Fox morning news show I watch.

I have so many kids that have “Game “I decided to put it in perspective before I start dropping the funny video’s I have of kids with “Game.” Here are a couple of my favorite student conversations.

I’m so blessed to do my life’s work right now, so proud of everyone out there trying to be themselves to the best of their ability at that moment.

Also, I have many followers who work in fitness with youth and I wanted to bring your awareness to show off some of your Kid’s the have “Game”. Enjoy your day and salute all the kids in your life that got “Game”.

Miss Jean

CEO of Missjeanswimming, in Marin, and Bay Area. Operates at Northbridge Recreation Center, San Rafael, Ca.

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