Family Business,doterra style.

As I say all the time MLM is Million Lifetimes Memories, not a pyramid, they say. I don’t want to sell oils. You don’t have too. Look at signing up like a reward card or Kohl’s dollars. Costco memberships are the same thing. Great products with essential oil in them to keep your family healthier, from infants to seniors. The benefits of essential oils to your family is instantaneous if your diffusing oils or rubbing them on your sore back, to taking daily supplements, for menopause or cellular support.

Can you build a team and earn money on the side, yes, but if that isn’t your personality, no worries. I’m an outgoing, enthusiast, extrovert, I’m always talking to people telling stories and holding babies. Essential oils fit right into my healthy lifestyle of going to the gym and playground. I have a giving, sharing personality, I’m the friend that hugs you every time, that comes to your aid when others are to “busy”. I give blood and on the list to be an organ donor. I rarely buy anything thing for myself, because my friends give me their clothes. I usually wear the same two or three outfits a week/year. hanging out a talking to kids every day is my happy place. I’m turning 50 next year, and I’m right where I want to be, My wellness is Up and sickness down.

I included this video of one of the many families that use oils daily with their family. yes, it’s an MLM, make your MLM anything you want. Blast your own path, love, grow and be part of your community, it takes a village. If you need a village, join my team, it’s my purpose to help everyone I meet to transition closer to their true propose. I’m surrounded by masters of skills I HAVE YET TO LEARN.


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