#The King Of Oils

‘Tis the season for staying healthy!

Frankincense is an oil with immense power and incredible versatility, bringing strength to your body, mind, and heart. It rejuvenates and restores vitality, and at doTERRA, our executives couldn’t live without it! Because they love it so much they are giving a bottle away with every 200 PV order the whole month of December.*

Tune in to find out how three of doTERRA’s founders use Frankincense every day and then share your own story!

Here are the details:

Share your Frankincense stories on Facebook, Instagram or both. When you share your video tag @doterra and use the hashtag #KingOfOils so others can find it and learn new tips and tricks.

Every day 10 videos will be selected and highlighted on doTERRA.com https://bit.ly/2FYwNnn.

If you don’t use social media and still want to share your love of Frankincense, upload your video to https://bit.ly/2QAFaJS. Be sure to state your name and where you’re from in the video.

*15mL Frankincense sent with each single 200+ PV order during December. Limit 4 per household.


Thank you, everyone, for watching and reading. My name I Jean Arata, and I live In Marin county. We have just been through one of the most devastating wildfires in Northern California, I was considered for my friends, their kids and all the seniors in my life. One of the many reasons why I think that every single person I know would benefit from using Frankincense to start and then all the others, shampoo, baby collection, kids essential oils kit, the vitality pack. All of the products have improved my life and purpose. I’m currently two days into a 21 day cleanse, from Alcohol this which is no small thing, unless you are my wallet. This is a cleanse I started last at this time when I signed up. I got the Natural solutions kits, which runs $550 but gots lots of PV, I didn’t know what that was, but I signed up anyways. My old friend, now a  facebook friend, asked me to join one night last December. Sitting here now a year later the same events happened again. And how I get to reflect on the past year, I’m practicing reiki level one and meditation, better diet etc. One year What have I accomplished? Do I want to do the same thing next year? Pro and Cons of choices made this year and in my life. Lessons learned from meditation, Oprah Super soal Sunday, Emily Wright, (my hero) you make your job so meaningful, it fills me with joy and happiness.

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