Patrick McAlonan, Obituary

Patrick McAlonan 1930-2018
Rest in Peace

Patrick McAlonan was born in Tennessee December 7th, 1930. He passed away at the age of 87 in his home in Novato on November 15, 2018. He leaves his wife of 64 years,; his son Mark McAlonan; and daughters Therese and Maureen; two grand-children Richard and Julia; and his daughter Erin, who proceeded his death. He was raised in Detroit, moved to Denver and settled in Novato. In his early years, Pat attended University of Detroit Jesuit High School and then moved to Denver where he graduated from Regis College in 1954. He met his wife, Loretta, in Denver on a blind date and stayed happily married for 64 years.

I was at the Celebration of Life supporting his daughter Maureen(Runi), I had met him many times at the tire store. I learned that Goodyear offered him a management position in Salinas, which is how he came to California in 1955. After few years  Pat opened his own tire store, Cains Tire, in San Rafael It is still successful today. Pat was fortunate to work with all four of his children.

17523387_1474572039272305_390840322484963370_nPat was an avid golfer, one of the original members of the Marin Country Club. He raised his family snow skiing and water skiing. He also played football, basketball, and baseball. He played softball with his son, Mark, until his late fifties. Mark told many funny stories about his father’s sense of humor. Including who he was leave money too, or wearing super short shorts on the golf course. Pat was a natural athlete and loved cave diving in Florida. He was known to hunt and catch alligators. There are pictures around Cain’s showing all the adventures he took with his family. He loved adventures. “His stories got better the longer he told them,” His son said. There must have been 350 people at St. Anthony’s church in Novato where he was also a founding member.  Many spoke about how he was a surrogate father for them. His team of workers was obviously shaken by his passing they where cheer’s his name with many hip-hip hurrahs. He had been ill for a while and had time to say Good Bye. He will be missed by all who knew him, Cheer’s to you, Pat.

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