Athlete Kit

Regardless of if you’re playing a sport professionally or staying fit as part of a healthy lifestyle, essential oils are the natural route to taking care of your body as an athlete. They can give you the edge you are looking for, and help you with rest, recovery time, and immune support. doTERRA has partnered with athletic facilities to provide athletes and their trainers with training on the benefits of oils. What follows are a few of the recommendations from trainers, along with a few extra tips.
The perfect companion to a healthy lifestyle, the doTERRA Athlete’s kit can help support healthy athletic activity while counteracting the taxing effects of exercise on the body.


doTERRA partners with athletic facilities to provide elite athletes with the beneficial properties of essential oils. This same kit is now available to all sports enthusiasts and athletes. Packaged in a convenient carrying case for use wherever your activities take you, this kit is geared toward active individuals who are new to the benefits of essential oils and doTERRA.