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Emily Wright

One of the founders of doterra, Emily Wright I feel like we are related. I’ve had my DNA tested for my whole family, so we could check. I love her heart is so sweet and pure. She is beautiful from the inside out. She works with farmers and harvesters around the world for co-impact sourcing, which means giving instead of taking. Building up small areas of the world where these essential oils grow. She is like an angel. she starts with a terrible story and makes it a positive one, they teach people to fish instead of taking the fish and leaving. She is a little child of earth that loves its mother, or God or the universe.

It matters what we do every day that sets our legacy.

If I’m buying oils and that is proving jobs for thousands of people all around the world isn’t that making it a better place? When I found out all the good essential oils is doing around the world I was excited, surprised, and saddened.

The slavery for people around the world needs to end.

I can not look away from governments and criminal stealing peoples lives for nothing more than money. The healing hand’s foundation raises money for various charities and foundations around the world. The work with charities around the world that teach women about their bodies. Using bracelets to learn about their menstrual cycles, opening midwives schools, built schools, wells, and clinics. Emily’s passion for plants and people is a wonderful thing, she is so full of love for everything and everyone, she wears her heart on her sleeve. When she starts telling a story of mom’s who can’t feed their children so they have to “give up the dignity for food”. I cried for those women and am grateful that is not my life. I’m so proud to watch the videos about all the work they did last year to save children. I want to save the children too. When I buy oils and teaching the community about how to use safely and teach them about all the good work they do around the world it’s a no-brainer to partner with doterra to make a world a better place. To teach a man to fish. Emily is my inspiration because she believes with her whole heart in people and so do I.I would love to have you on my team with Emily running the ship. Thanks for reading.

Miss Jean

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