2 video’s about signing up for doterra as an advocate.

These are two video’s that explain how and why people sign up with doterra. They are both have valuable information. The first video is about 1/2 hour while the second is less than 5 minutes. I have included my id number 5573138. If you have found my page before meeting me in person.  After watching these video’s to learn more about doterra, please message me at my.doterra.com/missjean. Enjoy and please follow my blog about being essential oils, Mama. I love supporting everyone on their journey to health and safety. I have advocates in many states and would enjoy introducing your family to mine. Thanks, Missjean

Learn how to become a doTERRA wellness advocate including how much does it cost to join, how do I get paid and how much can I earn? Know why you should start with a doTERRA enrollment kit and the benefits of the loyalty rewards program. This youtube videos by Tom Polifka and natural and healthy yu.

  • Today we’re going to review how to enroll a new Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer through your back office.
  • Once you are logged into your back office, you’re going to want to click on Wellness Advocate Services from the menu at the top of the page and then select Register a New Wellness Advocate.
  • The first page is going to ask you to verify our preferred language and the country you reside in.
  • Next, you’re going to want to select the type of account you want to create. Either a Wholesale Customer where you do not need a Social Security Number or a Wellness Advocate where you will need a Social Security Number.
  • The next page is going to be all of the personal information for them. You should have all o this information from the Wellness Advocate Agreement form that they filled out.
  • Remember, all items with a red asterisk are required fields and will need to be filled out.
  • After the name and address information, you are going to want to fill out the Shipping Address information. If this is the same as your Mailing Address you can simply click this box and it will prepopulate the data.
  • Next enter in the contact information for Phone Number, Email address and their birthdate.
  • You can also specify if they should receive e-mails directly from doTERRA.
  • Next enter in the Enroller ID number. 5573138
  • If the Enroller and Sponsor are the same people you can leave the Sponsor ID field blank. When you click on the Verify ID button that will show you the person name so you can be sure you have the correct ID before proceeding.
  • JeanArata id number 5573138
  • Now you can enter the password that you would like to use for this account.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and then click on Continue.
  • Confirm the correct address and then click Continue.
  • Now you can order the products they selected on their enrollment form.
  • At the top, you can browse through some of the more popular enrollment kits.
  • When you find the one that you want to add, simply click the ADD TO CART button if you would like to add one to their opening order. You can also add items individually.
  • Simply click in this field and add part of the item name. When you see the dropdown, select the item you want to add from the drop-down list and it will be placed into your cart.
  • Once you have completed adding items to the card, you will need to click on the VIEW TOTALS button. This will calculate shipping and tax charges.
  • Next, we will add in the Payment Information. If this is the same as the Shipping Address you can simply check this box and that information will be used.
  • Click the Save Payment Information checkbox if you want to save this information for future orders.
  • Now click the PROCESS ORDER NOW & CONTINUE. Here you will enter in all information for the credit card that you would like to charge this purchase to and then click on Process Order. You will receive a final confirmation screen noting your Order Number. You also can choose to set up your LRP now or you can select No and do that at a later time.

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