What Attraction Means to Me


intellect and humor are attractive
Being good looking is not the same as Attractive. in my opinion

What Attraction Means To Me

As I was seating with my partner Darin, I was trying to explain what attraction means to me. Following unconditional love, which means to follow the people I’m attracted to. But in the past, I have gotten attraction and chemistry mixed up.

 I just finished my level I Reiki class on Sunday.

I spent the whole day in bed feeling almost sick, on Monday. There are many emotions going on with me. It’s Tuesday now, I recommend for myself and others to take a few days off to processes the feelings that are going to crop up.

I have been working on myself for a while now. First, studied Psychology to understand why people do what they do. But really trying to understand why? Why parents aren’t perfect, why people hurt others. To understand me and the decisions I’ve made that haven’t worked out the way I planned. To come to the decision that I need to explain what my feelings are about. The word “Attraction” is one. My partner and I were watching to voice and he said: “she is pretty”. I don’t agree, she is attractive. She is attractive because she has talents in singing and being a kind person to the people around her. The need to have everyone be pretty or handsome is something, I would like to challenge. There is so much focus on looks and not enough on humanity and integrity. The word attractive for me means someone who is interesting and talented.” Looks are skin deep and serve the purpose of getting you in the door, your brain keeps you there”, my father liked to say.

Moving forward

So as I move forward in my life to be less superficial and more beneficial to myself and community. To treat everyone with kindness and decency, no matter their look or status. To be humbled by their story and their journey through life. It takes a village to get thru life, not just childhood.

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