Emily Wright, Sourcing and Leadership

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

Is one of Emily’s Wright’s favorite Mantra’s.She oversees sales and marketing for the North American market. She is also intimately involved with essential oil, Co-Impact Sourcing initiatives.” I truly have the most rewarding job on the planet.” She likes to say. One thing she has learned that being a woman is also her greatest strength. She is able to relate to countless other women and mothers. We are the caretakers, the nurturers, the physicians of our homes. We get to empower others to do the same with nature’s most powerful solutions. How awesome is that? She said in a recent interview.

Almost two decades ago,

Emily came into the essential oil business without even really knowing what essential oils were. “I was actually a little embarrassed that I ended up working for a network marketing company. Then on top of that, it was a company that sold ‘voodoo’ oils.” However, over time her perspective shifted. She had two powerful experiences with the oils that empowered her as a mother to take care of her children in a natural manner. These experiences also made her very passionate about empowering other moms. As for network marketing, Emily says, “I had only had negative experiences in the past, but I have since realized that done right and with integrity, the person-to-person model of network marketing actually works really well when you lead with a quality product. Emily has found it to be the most powerful business model in the world.”

Emily never expected to be where she is at now, but she says, “Life has a way of molding you and providing experiences that prepare you for the person you are to become. Being part of doTERRA has caused me to grow beyond what I thought was possible, and I love nothing more than to help others grow and find their purpose.”


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